TimeLab makes precision time and frequency measurements, including Allan deviation, MDEV, TDEV, MTIE, phase noise, and phase/frequency drift.

Support for acquiring, editing, transforming, and displaying data from an extensive selection of instruments is provided by TimeLab, including the Microchip 53100A and Miles Design TimePod 5330A phase noise and frequency stability analyzers, Microchip 5115A/5120A/5125A test sets, and a variety of frequency and time-interval counters.

TimeLab supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, and requires a CPU with SSE2 support (Pentium 4 or equivalent.)

Download TimeLab 1.74d (Beta)

The PhaseStation 53100A User's Manual (5 MB .PDF) serves as a general-purpose guide to TimeLab and all 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer models, including units from Microchip Technologies Inc. and Jackson Labs Technologies.

Application note 53100A-1, Oscillator Measurement and Calibration (680 KB .PDF), is recommended for users new to the Microchip 53100A, along with AN 53100A-2, Dual Reference Noise and Stability Measurements with the PhaseStation 53100A (1.5 MB .PDF). These notes apply to all 53100A instruments, including those from Microchip Technology Inc. and Jackson Labs Technologies.

See NIST's Handbook of Frequency Stability Analysis for information on various measurements made by TimeLab, as well as W. J. Riley's comprehensive tutorial, Techniques for Frequency Stability Analysis.


Revision History

V1.74d of 27-June-24 (Beta)

V1.73 of 24-Jan-24 (Beta)

V1.72b of 12-Dec-23 (Beta)

V1.71a of 24-Sep-23 (Beta)

V1.6 RC1a of 3-May-22 (Beta)

V1.55m of 21-Apr-22 (Beta)

V1.55c of 28-Dec-21 (Beta)

V1.55a of 30-Sep-21 (Beta)

V1.55 of 20-Aug-21 (Beta)

V1.54 of 3-Mar-21 (Beta)

V1.53 of 30-Jan-21 (Beta)

V1.52c of 29-Jun-20 (Beta)

V1.52b of 15-Jun-20 (Beta)

V1.51 of 5-Jun-20

V1.5 of 29-Apr-20

V1.402 of 16-Nov-19 (Beta)

V1.401 of 25-Oct-19 (Beta)

V1.4 of 3-Oct-19

V1.39 of 30-Sep-19 (Beta)

V1.38b of 24-Sep-19 (Beta)

V1.38a of 19-Sep-19 (Beta)

V1.38 of 11-Sep-19 (Beta)

V1.37 of 1-Sep-19 (Beta)

V1.36f of 27-Aug-19 (Beta)

V1.36d of 16-Jul-19 (Beta)

V1.35c of 19-Jun-19 (Beta)

V1.34 of 14-May-19 (Beta)

V1.33a of 29-Apr-19 (Beta)

V1.32 of 18-Feb-19 (Beta)

V1.31 of 18-Sep-18 (Beta)
V1.30 of 15-Jan-18 (Beta)

V1.29 of 6-Sep-16 (Beta)

V1.28 of 26-May-15 (Beta)

V1.27 of 22-Feb-15 (Beta)

V1.26 of 4-Jan-15 (Beta)

V1.25 of 7-Dec-14 (Beta)

V1.24 of 31-May-14 (Beta)

V1.23 of 19-May-14 (Beta)

V1.22 of 22-Apr-14 (Beta)

V1.21 of 13-Nov-13 (Beta)
V1.2 of 28-May-13

V1.1 of 1-Oct-12

V1.014 of 15-May-12

V1.013 of 10-Apr-12

V1.012 of 3-Apr-12

V1.011 of 2-Apr-12

V1.010 of 12-Mar-12

V1.003 (RC4) of 28-Feb-12

V1.002 (RC3) of 15-Feb-12

V1.001 (RC2) of 30-Jan-12

V1.000 (RC1) of 18-Jan-12

V0.986 (Beta) of 14-Jan-12

V0.985 (Beta) of 13-Jan-12

V0.984 (Beta) of 2-Jan-12

V0.983 (Beta) of 27-Dec-11

V0.982 (Beta) of 22-Dec-11

V0.981 (Beta) of 19-Dec-11

V0.980 (Beta) of 5-Dec-11

V0.979 (Beta) of 30-Nov-11

V0.978 (Beta) of 27-Oct-11

V0.977 (Beta) of 22-Oct-11

V0.976 (Beta) of 10-Oct-11