TimeLab makes precision time and frequency measurements, including Allan deviation, MDEV, TDEV, phase noise, and phase/frequency drift.

Download TimeLab V1.36d (Beta)

TimeLab runs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows XP SP2 or later, and requires a CPU with SSE2 support (Pentium 4 or equivalent.)

The TimePod 5330A Operation and Service manual (6 MB .PDF) serves as a general-purpose guide to TimeLab.

See NIST's Handbook of Frequency Stability Analysis for information on various measurements made by TimeLab, as well as W. J. Riley's comprehensive tutorial, Techniques for Frequency Stability Analysis.


Revision History

V1.36d of 16-Jul-19 (Beta)

V1.35c of 19-Jun-19 (Beta)

V1.34 of 14-May-19 (Beta)

V1.33a of 29-Apr-19 (Beta)

V1.32 of 18-Feb-19 (Beta)

V1.31 of 18-Sep-18 (Beta)
V1.30 of 15-Jan-18 (Beta)

V1.29 of 6-Sep-16 (Beta)

V1.28 of 26-May-15 (Beta)

V1.27 of 22-Feb-15 (Beta)

V1.26 of 4-Jan-15 (Beta)

V1.25 of 7-Dec-14 (Beta)

V1.24 of 31-May-14 (Beta)

V1.23 of 19-May-14 (Beta)

V1.22 of 22-Apr-14 (Beta)

V1.21 of 13-Nov-13 (Beta)
V1.2 of 28-May-13
V1.1 of 1-Oct-12

V1.014 of 15-May-12

V1.013 of 10-Apr-12

V1.012 of 3-Apr-12

V1.011 of 2-Apr-12

V1.010 of 12-Mar-12

V1.003 (RC4) of 28-Feb-12

V1.002 (RC3) of 15-Feb-12

V1.001 (RC2) of 30-Jan-12

V1.000 (RC1) of 18-Jan-12

V0.986 (Beta) of 14-Jan-12

V0.985 (Beta) of 13-Jan-12

V0.984 (Beta) of 2-Jan-12

V0.983 (Beta) of 27-Dec-11

V0.982 (Beta) of 22-Dec-11

V0.981 (Beta) of 19-Dec-11

V0.980 (Beta) of 5-Dec-11

V0.979 (Beta) of 30-Nov-11

V0.978 (Beta) of 27-Oct-11

V0.977 (Beta) of 22-Oct-11

V0.976 (Beta) of 10-Oct-11